March 16th, 2021

Slitting line modernization at Becker Stahl-Service GmbH, Germany

Danieli Fröhling has executed the revamping of the shear and the exit guide, along with providing a new gearbox and a fully automatic mandrel changing device, where all the design was conducted in-house and the pre-assembly was completed at Danieli Fröhling’s workshop in Meinerzhagen, Germany.

With the help of the 3D scan of the existing equipment and the technical audit performed before the design stage, Danieli Fröhling ensured an engineering solution that best suits the needed tolerances and conforms with the interface requirements.

The efficient preparation, great coordination and organization of the project team and flawless execution of on-site works during the shutdown period, allowed the completion of the project on time while providing our valued customer an increased safety and high performing equipment, along with the dramatically reduced non-productive time of the slitting line.

The revamped slitting shear was empowered with the capability to cut 50% of more strip thickness, thus providing 50% performance increase in production with respect to the thickness, and equipped with a fully automatic changing head. This enables our valuable customer, to produce a wider product range while complying with the ever-demanding market requirements and change the production diameter of the mandrel within less than 3 minutes, which was originally contracted to be 5 minutes. Becker Stahl is now able to change, coil by coil, the mandrel diameter without affecting the production. Hence, highest flexibility is achieved while shortening the delivery time of products to their end customers.

Fully automatic mandrel changing device

Mandrel head frontview

Mandrel gearbox