Rolling Mills

More than 7 decades of rolling mill design and construction from the basis for Danieli Fröhling‘s successful engagement in the cold rolling sector. Today, Danieli Fröhling is synonymous for advanced cold mill design and technology with a deep understanding of metal forming processes. This includes steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, magnesium and many other special metals and alloys. Fröhling was the first company introducing multi-roll mills with direct hydraulic screw down, hydraulic bending of rolls and direct driven intermediate rolls. Our cluster mill design dates back to the 1950’s. Since then, we always strive for modern solutions and advanced design that make our customers able to be in the forefront of their markets. We are not only designing and supplying equipment. We understand metals! As added value, we are capable to provide expertise in rolling technology and associated areas. Thus, we can be technological partner for our customers for a time far beyond the supply period.