Rolling Mills

Copper Strip Milling Lines

DANIELI FRÖHLING‘s Milling Line removes surface oxidation of Cast or Hot Rolled copper strip. A layer of 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm is removed from the top and bottom side of strip and the material becomes flat-parallel with excellent surface for downstream cold rolling process.


  • Solid and low vibration machine design
  • High quality cutting tools (HSS or tungsten carbide)
  • Hydraulic balancing of the chocks for miller and counter pressure roll
  • Strip thickness and width determination, for automatic miller gap adjustment
  • Adjustable material pass speeds and miller cutting speeds for optimum strip surface and miller service lifetime
  • Miller gap lubrication by Emulsion Spraying System
  • Efficient Chip Suction System


Optional Key features are:

  • Edge milling machine
  • Chip press
  • Grinding machine