Rolling Mills

Technological Packages for Cold Rolling Mills

A Cold Rolling Mill’s OpEx can remain competitive over time, simply by making innovative improvements to the plant that we, as DANIELI FRÖHLING, refer to as Technological Packages. They are improving the final product quality and productivity with a quick return of investment.

Examples for flat product Technological Packages to be applied on cold rolling mills are:


DAN-PURITY Rolling Oil Filter

Applied on Cold Rolling Mills using rolling oil as mill coolant.

  • Excellent filtration results
  • Filter fineness < 3 µm solid particles
  • Modular from 1000 l/min to 12000 l/min
  • Small installation space required
  • Automatic regeneration


Q-ROPO Roll Polishing Unit

Applied on Skinpass Mills.

  • Effective dirt removal
  • Improved final product surface quality
  • Uniform cleaning result on the rolls
  • Increase of roll lifetime
  • Reduction of roll grinding intervals



Applied on Skinpass Mills.

  • Brushing rolls with dust suction
  • Top and bottom rolls independantly moveable