Strip Finishing Lines

Trimming Lines

Danieli Fröhling designs, manufactures and supplies inspection and trimming lines for various material and dimensions. Especially our high-speed edge trimming lines with line speeds that can reach 1,800 mpm are an essential product of our portfolio. Doubtless, we can consider ourselves as the market leader in this segment of slitting/trimming application.

When designing trimming lines for cold rolled strip and for higher operating speeds, particular care has to be taken regarding

  • High production and flexibility of operation
  • Best possible cutting quality with respect to burr and width tolerances
  • Perfect rewinding quality and high finished coil weights
  • Reliable and un-interrupted removal of trimming scrap
  • Accurate and most uniform oil application (when using oil coating on-line)

In order to reach the requested output, such lines need to be capable of operation at high speeds. At the same time, minimum non-productive time is essential. This means time for threading, coil preparation, tool change, dimension change, changing oil types and similar must be reduced by smart solutions and automatic sequences. We provide sophisticated solutions to meet these requirements, such as:

  • Cropping of strip end either by separate coil-prep station or in-line with a drum shear at speeds of 200 mpm or even more
  • Electrostatic oilers with highly accurate spraying systems
  • Trimming shears with automatic, highly accurate adjustment of strip width, cutting gap and knife immersion for
    conversion between different subsequent strips within shortest possible time
  • Optional: provision of trimming shear with additional cutting heads for middle cut and/or multi cut operation (depending on quantity of final strips) in combination with arrangement of a second recoiler to provide best rewinding for more than one finished strip
  • Scrap removal by means of scrap suction system even at high-speed operation
  • Special design and arrangement of exit guides after cutting area to reduce distance between cutting point and rewinding in order to reduce air to be drawn into the wraps

Each line will be designed according to your specific demand and requirements. Based on experiences gathered on similar applications as well as your own expectations, we will discuss with you best practice solutions and adjust our technical proposal accordingly. Thus, we jointly reach an optimum plant design that fulfils your targets for successful and demanding production. Contact us for further information and detailed discussions!